Language: English
Marshal Tito 66
Contact Person: Sofija Pockova
Phone: 078 422 761

Producer, Grower , exporter. Taurus Farms LLC is based in Bogdanci, Macedonia.

It was founded in 2010 as a German investment. At Taurus-Farms we only grow organic products.

The Macedonian climate and soil enable us to produce quality fruits and vegetables with an unique taste. Our production is both Organic (Ceres) and Global Gap certified. We grow our products to modern standards, with respect to nature and society.Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals will take care of documents, transport, certifications and all other aspects that are needed to get our products fresh at the point of destination. Next to our current products we can also grow-to-demand if there are other types of products that our clients may be interested in.Because of our regional function, we also cooperate with local growers and can supply you with other products.

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