Bio Producers

AYAN ® is a natural cosmetics with organic essential and base oils created and oriented towards natural skin care
Armina is a producer of organic certified floral waters, base oils and essential oils.
Family Farm Kiwi.BG is a small company with its own plantations of an old kiwi variety planted since 1978. - a total of 5 decares of kiwi and 2 decares vineyards of white grape variety.
Family Farm Kiwi.BG is a producer of kiwi fruit and various kiwi products - kiwi jam, dried kiwi without added sugar, handmade kiwi soaps.
ILIANA 2005 - ILIANA IVANOVA is specialized in the production and trade of vegetables - red and green peppers and aubergines.
Trade with organic cosmetics and organic products and distributor of the brand MaterNatura - bio certified Italian cosmetics series.
Dani 91 Ltd is a producer of cow's milk and cheese.
Daniel Dimitrov is a producer of organic hazelnuts and saplings for hazelnuts of the varieties - Roman, Tonda Gentile, Ran Trapezundski and Almond.
Alexander Valkov is producer of organic hazelnuts and vegetables.
KOMOSS is a manufacturer of organic certified fruits - apples, cherries, strawberries, sour cherries, plums, walnuts.