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Enhancing Business Capacity of the Organic Producers in the Cross-border Region BG-MK

Ref. Nr: CB006.1.31.021 

The overall objective of the project EBC-OP-CBR is to support the organic sector in the cross-border region of Bulgaria and Macedonia by intensifying the cross-border cooperation between the interested people, SMEs and institutions in order to jointly address common challenges and exploit untapped potentials by means of the proposed project activities and expected results. 

Area of implementation:

Bulgaria – district Blagoevgrad (BG413) and district Kystendil (BG415)

Macedonia - Eastern Region (MK002) and Southeastern Region (MK004) 

Main project activities:

  • Study of the Organic Sector Growth Potential;

The aim of the Study will be to analyse the production capacity and the growth potential for the organic sector in the target region. 

  • Development of a strategy for enhancing the organic production in the CB region BG-MK;

The Strategy will serve as a basis for more focused and sustainable development of the organic sector in the region; 

  • Establishing two Cross-border consultation centres for organic producers;

One consultation centre in Sandanski (BG) and one consultation centre in Strumica (MK) will be working within 6 months in order to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and to support business capacity building among 60 start-ups in the organic sector and 100 existing organic businesses; 

  • Joint Web-based Marketing and Trade Exchange Platform (JMTE Organic) will be developed and promoted; 
  • Development of Business Manual for Organic Producers;

It will contain mainly practical business information such as sources of updated information, marketing and sales tools, trade channels and export aimed promotion methods for organic business, PR techniques, alternative marketing and advertising options. 

  • Development and Growth of the Network EOP-CBR for enhancing organic production;

The network will facilitate contacts and enable cooperation between different organic businesses. 

  • Participation in an international organic fair;

Through this visit the project team will be able to promote the Online Platform JMTE Organic, the Network EOP-CBR and the Study on the Organic Sector Growth Potential in the CB region BG-MK. 

  • JMTE Organic and Business Development Trainings; 
  • Network EOP-CBR Forum and B2B Sector Meetings;

The priority participants will be the EOP-CBR Network members and export-oriented organic businesses. 

Target groups:

  1. SMEs active in the organic sector-producers, trade companies
  2. NGOs supporting the organic sector
  3. Educational institutions offering training in the field of organic production
  4. Public institutions responsible for the organic sector
  5. Start-ups in the organic sector
  6. Costumers interested in the organic sector 

Expected outputs after the project implementation:  

  1. Supported start-ups in the organic sector: 30 from Bulgaria and 30 from Macedonia
  1. Number of participants in supported training and qualification initiatives - one training in Bulgaria with 40 participants ( 20 men and 20 women) and one training in Macedonia with 40 participants (20 men and 20 women). 
  1. Number of enterprises receiving non-financial support - 50 organic producers and producers in process of certification from Bulgaria and 50 organic producers and producers in process of a certification from Macedonia. 
  1. Supported initiatives for economic development and investment promotion:
  • Created Online Platform for Joint Marketing and Trade Exchange (JMTE Organic);
  • Developed capacity of the Network EOP-CBR for Promotion of Organic Production in the Cross-border region;
  • Analysis of the organic sector potential of growth;
  • Participation in international exhibition for organic producers; 
  1. Developed capacity of the Network EOP-CBR:
  • Attracted new members-expected number: 25 from BG and 25 from MK;
  • Created Online Internal Forum for supporting the communication within the Network;
  • Promotional leaflet of the Network (1000 copies) - printed and disseminated);
  • Promoted Network among potential investors during the international organic fairs; 

Lead Partner:


Republic of Bulgaria

2800 Sandanski, 36 Macedonia Str.

tel: 00359 876 882050

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Republic of Macedonia

2400 Strumica, 146 Mladinska Str.

tel: 00389 78 212 388

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.